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45,000 small businesses have saved on their energy bill, why wouldn’t you?


Implementing a project can help you save money on electric bills and receive up to 75 percent off project costs with instant incentives.

Your small business could lower its energy usage and costs by participating in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Project Green Environmental Solutions, a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider, will assist you every step of your journey to help you achieve energy savings for your business.

A project may help small businesses:


Improve and maintain occupant comfort and productivity


Increase property value


Reduce maintenance needs and extend equipment life

Project Green Environmental Solutions assisted a recent customer every step of the way to achieve:


Four months



Annual Electric Cost Savings


Project Overview

Energy-saving improvements

  • Outdoor LED fixtures
  • Indoor fluorescent replacements
  • Screw-in LED bulbs

Estimated annual energy savings
103,715 kWh

Total project cost

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive

Project cost after incentive

There’s nothing small about the money and energy we can help you save.


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