Project Green Environmental Solutions


Project Green Environmental Solutions

We’ve helped 45,000 small businesses like yours.


The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is dedicated to cutting your energy costs so your business can thrive.

Your small business could lower its energy usage and costs by participating in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Project Green Environmental Solutions, a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider, will assist you every step of your journey to help you achieve energy savings for your business.
Project Green Environmental Solutions will help you:


Schedule a FREE energy assessment when it’s convenient for you


Ensure the safety of your staff and customers


Develop customized solutions assuring your needs are met

Project Green Environmental Solutions assisted a recent customer every step of the way to achieve:

Estimated Annual Electric Cost Savings

0.4 years

Estimated Payback


Project Overview

Energy-saving improvements 

• Outdoor LED fixtures
• Indoor fluorescent replacements
• Screw-in LED bulbs

Estimated annual energy savings

103,715 kWh

Total project cost


ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive


Project cost after incentive


Right now is the ideal time to let us help you save money and energy.


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